Air Gap Sealing Erie, Pennsylvania

Closing cracks and openings improves energy performance and saves you money

Holes and gaps in attics may be an unfortunate and inescapable aspect of having a house. There are numerous reasons open spaces develop, and virtually every home is vulnerable to air flow that can take place in these places. When effective air sealing is not present, the leak of air will have an unfavorable impact on your houses’ well-being and energy performance.

Our home insulation specialists in Erie help fix these issues in your attic and residence with our complete air sealing services. Through the recognition of gaps and openings and then sealing them, this stops air circulation between the attic and your home, decreasing a/c and heating system costs and likewise making your residence far more effective.

The following are commonplace attic areas where air sealing is required:

  • Chimney cases
  • Cooling and heating registers, vents, and ductwork
  • Doors, drop down stairs, and easy access hatches
  • Pipes and circuitry that enters in through the floor surface
  • Ceiling fans and recessed light

If you are experiencing problems with increasing air conditioning and heating system expenses or spaces that are uncomfortable, speak with our crew today for a complimentary estimate on top quality and cost effective air sealing services for your home.

Our Erie company delivers attic, basement, and garage insulation and air sealing service options throughout Erie and other neighboring areas in Erie County and Pennsylvania.

How attic openings effect your home

Air sealing can make substantial difference with your house. The following offers a fast look at how air openings adversely effect your home in different time of years.

Summer season: Muggy and hot air from outdoors transfers into your attic throughout the summertime. That is part of the reason why your attic becomes so hot and uncomfortable throughout the summer months. The hot air likewise warms up spaces underneath the attic. Sealing crevices and openings to the outside will stop air transfer.

Winter season: Hot air naturally increases. This consists of the warm indoor air you paid to heat your house. If openings exist in your ceilings or attic flooring, warm air will flow into the attic, causing your heater to work harder and longer to keep the house at an optimal temperature.

How our experts seal air openings

So how do we seal openings and defend against air circulation forever?

The primary step of sealing off an area is thoroughly taking a look at and evaluating the attic wall structures, floor surfaces and ceiling to identify where leakages exist. After we understand where the openings are located, we use a special expanding insulation foam to eliminate the transfer of air.

The result is a far more effective and comfy house, and your cooling and heating system will not need to work as long to heat or cool down your living places.

Air sealing acts as a big action toward improving the convenience and value of your property. Our completely licensed and insured experts provide all the air sealing options you require to produce the best outcomes for your home.

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